- ZETTAIMU New Single Release -


Zettaimu released after 2 years on November 3, 2019 , new single "SOLDAT DE PLOMB" . This song is the first written in French and will be included on the next album. 

The lyrics of all songs on the album will be in French.


I am Hisashi Furue(Zettaimu's composer/guitarist) and visited Moulin Rouge in Paris. I was so impressed by the show and could discover the soul of Lautrec I loved.
We are making a new album about Moulin Rouge(including other concept) now and seeking female singers of native French.
We have already some draft tracks and concept . A native French friend of mine is writing the lyrics and it's your turn to sing !!

I would like to create a new pop/rock with a cool, balanced mixture of French and Japanese culture as a collaboration. Enjoy completing the music with us, Zettaimu in Tokyo, JAPAN !!

Please give us a message or let us know about singers, your friend !!
Zettaimu could go further with your help/support !!

“The music sounds great!!

I would gladly work with the band"


—  Stuart Epps, UK Producer For


—  Andre Betts,

Madonna's Record Producer 

“Very creative !!

I look forward to working with you soon. I took the Cd's with me to listen in the car and the plane I really enjoyed them. It's nice to listen to something different for a change!!!

Great Work!!!"

"Create a whole new sound that neither Japan or the US has heard as a collaboration."


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