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Zettaimu are making a new song "Moulin Rouge" now !!

Zettaimu - single

Carry On Till Tomorrow

01/07/2015 Garando Records
ISRC: JPZ921414674

Cover version of Badfinger's song

(Zettaimu)Hisashi's Comments:
I learned about the original song (by Badfinger) from my elder sister when I was an elementary school student.

She was very tender to me and bought an EP record of the song for me and I loved it. I was always listening to it. But she died of cancer three year ago. Then I decided to record the song to give to her.

This is a tribute to my dear sister, Pete Ham & Tom Evans (Badfinger), two talented artists driven to suicide by the wicked, stupid people of the music industry...

Zettaimu - single

Que Sera Sera

03/19/2014 Garando Records
ISRC: JPZ921401353

Doris Day expressed optimism deeply in the masterpiece "QUE SERA SERA".
Now, times have changed and the optimism has drifted away from today.

US artists Wendy Van Dusen & Chris Nagel wrote modern QUE SERA SERA for Zettaimu. Zettaimu arranged it for a crisp and adult love song.

Zettaimu - single

Black Angel

09/25/2013 Garando Records
ISRC: JPZ921310548

John Wolfgang Roberts (acute US poet) wrote the profound lyrics for the melody of Kuroi Tenshi. In 2011 we had a pretty strong earthquake in Japan and John was living by the beach in Tokyo then. It looks like the lyrics was influenced by the tsunami.

Zettaimu completed it for a dark music by the arrangement with a spatial image.

Zettaimu - single

Kuroi Tenshi (Black Angel)

09/14/2013 Garando Records
ISRC: JPZ921309151

Kuroi Tenshi is a music written first by others (not Zettaimu). Hidefumi Nakamura (ceramist) wrote the music for the poem by Rui-16-Sai (lonely genius) in his teens.

To tell the looks like Rui-16-Sai described homosexuality in the lyrics.

Zettaimu - single

CLASS V -unplugged version-

08/08/2012 Garando Records
ISRC: JPZ921206134

The single "CLASS V" is a self-cover version from the album "What Can I Do" released in 2003. It's an unplugged version that the band expresses "Ma" (Japanesque intervals between notes) acoustically.

The song expresses insecurely nervous breakdown of a women (with only a short time to live) in the face of death. Also the band mixes danger of Fukushima nuclear plant with the concept of this song that has been steadily/fatally ruined since the big earthquake on Mar.11th, 2011.

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Zettaimu 2nd. album (CD)

In The Decadent Times

06/06/1998 Garando Records

This album was released abroad earlier than in Japan by Garando Records. It was highly regarded abroad, especially in Europe and US as an alternative rock music.

In Japanese and English - pop/rock/psychedelic in the style of the classical pop bands (Beatles), the artistic bands (Velvet Underground) of the 60's and the psychedelic bands of the 70's (Pink Floyd). But this cd has a quality of its own.

Some songs on this CD were picked for compilation CDs by some USA labels.

Zettaimu 3rd. album (CD)

What Can I Do

10/08/2003 Garando Records

Haunting vocals and a brilliant mix of vintage and modern instruments bring an air of eeriness and wonder to this compilation. The seemingly melancholy lyrics of Hisashi Furue enhance the vocals of main singer Kanako to a preternatural level.

They express an ironic sense of angst and tranquility in each song. Definitely an arcane experience for those willing to delve into foreign music.

James Santillana (US professional writer)

Zettaimu 4th. album (CD)


06/03/2005 Garando Records

The title "Oiran" in Japanese culture is roughly defined as a courtesan of high class and nobility and were said to be highly skilled at Japanese instruments. This album embodies those characteristics in its upbeat tracks and passionate lyrics.

Of course instead of the classical 3 stringed shamisen instrument we get a dose of modern accompaniment which treats each song with fervent vibe. Often lighthearted and hard, the songs inspire psychotropic moods without the influence of abusive substances.

James Santillana (US professional writer)

Zettaimu 5th. album (CD)


03/05/2007 MUSEA PARALLELE (France) & POSEIDON (Japan)

Either minimalist, experimental, song-oriented, post-rock, gothic ala THE CURE, or Crimsonian, these nine tracks achieve a certain stylistic consistency, particularly through very dark atmospheres.

Here is one more pawn to be observed on the Japanese Progressive rock chess-board !

MUSEA(French Label)

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